INFJs, ready to start your EPIC LIFE?

We are thoughtful, imaginative souls. Words have a way deeper impact on us. We are invariably shaken and rattled when the right words drop on our ears. As if waking up from a forever slumber. 

I am happy to be that voice for you and help you get back on track. Every time you stumble, pause or stop on your journey towards your Epic Life, I will be around speaking to you. Together, you and I get going again!


What is the INFJ Epic Life Audio Guide?

A 235-minute audio program serving 5 life-changing strategic steps in snack-size files to help all of you determined INFJs dive deeper, take stock, re-strategize, and resume your journey towards your INFJ Epic Life.


The program is a bundle of tools, techniques, and experience-drenched actionable material

You get:

  • Approx 235 mins of audio

  • 5 tactical workbooks

  • Recording: 1-hour Private Workshop with Wenzes

  • Tracking sheet

  • High-quality transcripts

  • The INFJ Epic Life poster

Why should you do it?

  • We hyper-sensitive INFJs have more of those perplexing days, weeks, and sometimes months than others. On those days, we are hiding from the world and nothing makes sense. This course is specifically curated to help you bounce back.

  • Motivation will always fade away, and so you need it handy! You get lifetime access to this course. You can press 'Play' at a time suitable to you from a place where you are most 'yourself,' and you will have me inspire you to make the best out of your next day.

  • "You can't improve what you don't measure," said Peter Drucker, and I can't agree more. The program bundles in tools and techniques that help you take stock of your immediate situation and track your improvement over time.

  • Also, and all the more because you are firmly determined to start your INFJ EPIC Life and champion and celebrate the precious gift of being an INFJ - the rarest of the personality types!

  • A money-back guarantee within 7 days of enrollment. If you don’t like what you get – your investment in yourself remains safe with us.

Who should do it?

  • Every quietly ambitious INFJ should do this who is breaking out of their shell.

  • We INFJs are all-or-nothing personalities. If you are at the 'nothing stage,' please take this program - this audio guide is precisely designed to nudge you, shake you, and jolt you out of the void.

  • While you are fast building your INFJ Epic Life, you know you may hit that unseen and absolutely unwanted speed-breaker; you need this course to get back to the track at the same speed.

  • Hey there - If you cannot kick start your INFJ Epic Life because you lack information due to time or money constraints, this comfortably priced course is for you. It won't hurt your pocket, and you can do it cuddled in your comforter, during your commute, or while preparing dinner.

10 Best Practices to help you make the most out of INFJ EPIC Life Audio Guide

This program is not a step-by-step guide, it’s a circular formula for constant holistic development. Here’s a quick road map for you:

  1. Don't wait to get ready for this course. Press 'PLAY' right away.

  2.  Keep a notebook handy with you to make a log of your favorite portions in the course.

  3. While some strategic steps will make more sense to you than others, each of the strategic steps is loaded with techniques. Please make use of each of them.

  4. The more you listen to this audio guide, the more 'Aha moments' will come your way. Curated after much research, this program is deep; trust me when I say this!

  5. Those worksheets are not frills; they are proven tools. Leverage those with all sincerity. Make records with honesty, and keep them stacked neatly in an accessible place for reference.

  6. Score yourself honestly in the tracking sheet, and make sure to do it periodically. Here, I feel the need to repeat Peter Drucker's words - "You can't improve what you don't measure,"
  7. Use the INFJ EPIC Life poster; also, create a vision board for yourself that should have your short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals.

  8. Please note, sometimes you will have to push yourself to press 'PLAY' - You may hate it, but do it anyway. After that, stay at it for a few minutes. Eventually, you will be in tune and smiling.

  9. Start again after you finish. And then again. And again.

  10. On your journey of building your INFJ EPIC Life, never forget to be kind to yourself.

Dear INFJs,

I needed a way to help my INFJ Friends, who often wrote me that they could not join my 6-week-long intensive INFJ EPIC Life Bootcamp due to time or budget constraints. Or sometimes because they feel they are not ready. 


I resolved to curate an Audio program to help all those INFJs who were determined to build their INFJ Epic Life but were facing some or the other challenge. It took me four and half months of research, conceptualization, and development to put this program together from scratch. 


I am happy to bring to you a comfortably priced audio course that you can use at your pace and in your time on your journey towards your INFJ Epic Life. 





Program Overview

Let’s get a peek into the 5 strategic steps laid out for you in the INFJ EPIC Life Audio Guide.

Section 1: Introduction (36 Mins approx)

Welcome to the INFJ Epic Life Audio Guide. This section teaches you to trim down the long list of areas seeking improvement to those immediate needs which you should get going with first.

Section 2: Strategic Step 1 'Acceptance' (29 Mins approx)

 We INFJs are forever 'Escape Artists,' aren't we? Let's learn how absolute and downright acceptance of our current situation is the beginning of rescuing ourselves from Escapism towards 'Feeling it to Healing it.'
Section 3: Strategic Step 2 'Gratitude' (48 Mins approx)

This section will unfold the power of the ultimate healing mantra, 'Gratitude,' and how you can leverage this in your journey towards building your INFJ EPIC Life.
Section 4: Strategic Step 3 'Improve by 4%' (41 Mins approx)

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will your INFJ EPIC LIfe. Let's figure out the minimum you can do to ensure your progress continues at a healthy speed.
Section 5: Strategic Step 4 'Bounce Back' (38 Mins approx)

You are stronger than you think; I know this. You know it too, don't you? Let's figure out what do you do when you feel like a failure?
Section 6: Strategic Step 6 'Pivoting and Upgrading' (41 Mins approx) 

Sometimes taking a detour or another tour is the best thing you can do at that time. This last strategic step will teach you how to re-strategize your strategy. 

The program is a bundle of tools, techniques, and experience-drenched actionable material

You get:

  • Approx 235 mins of audio

  • 5 tactical workbooks

  • Recording - 1-hour Private Workshop with Wenzes

  • Tracking sheet

  • High-quality transcripts

  • The INFJ Epic Life poster

What INFJ participants have to say about the Audioguide

“As an INFJ, I have struggled for my whole life to figure out how to adapt myself to the world. After finishing this course, my entire perspective is changing and I feel such a sense of relief. Finally, there is a system that I understand and can work with.”


“I really wish there was a course like this around when I was young. It would’ve made such a difference in my life, saved me so much angst and it would’ve given me so much more understanding about myself. Finding out by accident that I’m INFJ has been a massive eye opener and it feels like I’ve found a missing piece to my life that I never knew existed. For the very first time I feel part of something and I’ve never felt that before. I highly recommend all courses by Wenzes to all younger INFJ’s. You’ll be doing yourself the biggest favour, and giving yourself the best head start of your life that I missed out on.”


“Discovering that I am an INFJ was a revelation. Working with Wenzes is life-changing. Her INFJ audio guide is a great and easy tool to learn all the basics and details on my own. Going through all the five pillars to an INFJ epic life step by step, whenever I want, wherever I want, without any pressure, in a calm environment, and in my own tempo. Perfect for my INFJ soul. And the good thing is, once I am through, I can repeat it over and over again, whenever I need it. It’s very well structured, so I can repeat it all over or just go back to certain steps. For example, when I have setbacks, this will catch me up. Wenzes is always motivating, encouraging, and pushing in the right amount. She triggers my weak points in a good way, also with the worksheets that help me to get more in action ;) and to check over where I’m standing. I like listening to her friendly, convincing voice. And her knowledge and understanding from own experience make me feel safe to improve and come further in my personal development. This is one of the best investments in myself I ever made! Thank you so much, Wenzes!”



The INFJ EPIC LIFE AUDIOGUIDE has a 7 day no-questions-asked Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t love the Audioguide, then no worries my friend – I’ll refund your money with no hard feelings.